Use of the DAUB Brushes

Please accept the following terms of use of the brushes you have purchased. All sets are licensed as Single User, so you cannot share them with your friends or colleagues.

If you are a Creative Agency or a School please feel free to contact me for Multiple License discounts.

Customers who purchased the materials are considered to agree on the terms of use.

Terms of use

1. Scope of permission for use of the brushes

Users can import the brushes, use for their own works, and transmit publicly, upload, distribute, rent, and lease the works created with.

  • Users can transmit publicly, upload, distribute, rent, lease artworks created using the brushes.
  • Users can use the brushes without a limitation of period and number of times.
  • Users can use the brushes for any commercial purposes.
  • Users cannot sublicense the brushes.
  • Users cannot duplicate/rename/modify the brushes for reselling purposes.
  • Users cannot include the brushes (entire sets or even single ones) in their commercial products.

2. Restrictions

Users cannot do the following acts and the acts that may fall into the following.

  • Users cannot use the brushes for damaging the fame and the trust of Paolo Limoncelli or any unlawful purpose.
  • Users cannot distribute, transfer, rent, or license the brushes by duplicating and transmitting publicly the materials beyond the scope of permission set in the previous clause regardless of whether the brushes are modified or altered.

3. Change of terms of use

Updated terms of use will be effective and applied once downloaded by the customer.

First release: February 18, 2017

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