• Super Bundle

    € 15.99

    530+ Tools and 60 Textures

    All brushes from all DAUB sets and much more!

    You'll find included the following exclusive sets too

    NEW! - DAUB BlackSabre
    NEW! - DAUB Pigmento Mk2
    NEW! - DAUB Washes
    DAUB Atramentum
    DAUB Aenigma
    DAUB Monoceros
    DAUB King, Queen and Jack
    DAUB Strokator
    DAUB Basiliscus
    DAUB Imber
    DAUB Spatula
    DAUB Concept Tools
    DAUB FluidInk
    DAUB Pigmento
    DAUB Expressive Strokes
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  • Watercolors

    € 6.99

    80 Tools and 28 Textures

    Watercolors, washes and blenders and a set of actions to reach amazing analog results.

    All textures included are 2k and 4k seamless patterns

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  • BrushSet One

    € 4.99

    52 Tools and 20 Textures

    Ideal for concept artists and matte painters.
    Tools in this set are fast and responsive, you'll find oils with colour blending, fast concept tools, drafting stuff and more!

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  • Dry Media

    € 4.99

    28 Tools and 20 Textures

    Pastels, Chalks, Charcoal and Super Dry strokes captured from real media.
    If you like dry stuff this set is the right one.

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  • Inks & Pigments

    € 5.99

    54 Tools and 20 Textures

    Tools to reproduce the analog look of inks and pigments.

    It also includes the FluidInk pack

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  • Joyful Bristle

    € 4.99

    28 Tools and 20 Textures

    Each stroke has unique pigment deposition, to achieve great randomness and natural results.

    In the Tool Property palette are collected important parameters: activate colour mix, anti alias level and more!

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  • Markers

    € 3.99

    18 Tools and 20 Textures

    Felt tips and markers, ideal for concept design, industrial design and quick sketching.

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